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Why investing in Cloud Payroll Software can be your Best Bet?

Human resources undoubtedly is the most integral department in any organisation be it a big, medium or small enterprise. Besides recruitment, on-boarding and driving employee engagement, processing payroll comes as the most critical responsibility for this department. Unfortunately, several businesses still stuck in the rut continue the primitive practice of manual payroll processing, which apparently takes a huge toll on their human resources department folks consuming immense time and efforts.

Now comes the good part. An increasing number of businesses are realising the benefits of shifting their payroll operations to cloud. Yes, a cloud based HRMS software utilises cloud technology to store and access all your critical payroll and HR data on cloud servers that can be accessed anytime and from any place, all one requires is a robust Internet connection to get going.

The best payroll software is the one that provides myriad benefits when it comes to simplifying and streamlining employee management while easing the payroll process. It ought to address all the painpoints right from recruitment and on-boarding to full and final settlement.

Here are few undeniable benefits of investing in one: As discussed above, the best payroll software is the one, which helps in calculating salaries, filing taxes, full and final settlement, updating employee information in a seamless way.


Convenience at fingertips!

As cloud payroll software stacks all your data on remote cloud servers, you enjoy unparalleled mobility and flexibility. Talk about accessing payroll data in the middle of night? It can be done. On the other hand, the self service app for employees allows them to access and update their information on the go without ringing up the HR department. Yes, with employee self service app, employees can update their contact details, download payslips, check tax details, leave balance, etc. on the run from their smartphones.


Bid farewell to annoying payroll redundancies

Inaccurate salary computations leading to payroll redundancies is the worst nightmare any human resources personnel can have. Worst part, it often causes unhappy and irritated employees. Imagine the predicament that an HR professional goes through when managing payroll for a business that has several offices spread across different cities. Investing in the best payroll software can serve as a boon here, since it not only centralises the data, but also automates attendance and time tracking leaving no room for inaccuracies. No need to maintaining multiple spreadsheets for tracking employee time and attendance. Empower your HR to process full and final settlement for an employee sitting miles away in a different city with a cloud payroll software.



As you don’t have to buy expensive hardware or frameworks, cloud payroll software becomes a budget-friendly option. Also, there is no need to invest in IT expenses and additional maintenance. Upgrades too are no more a hassle, as everything is taken care by the vendor saving your IT staff time and efforts. Lastly, the SaaS based subscription model makes payroll software scalable.

These are only a handful yet prominent advantages of investing in a cloud payroll software, as there are many more. If planning to subcontract or outsource your payroll processes or wish to get rid of the manual practice of processing payroll, it’s time to invest in one of the best payroll software solutions out there.


Author: Anwar Shaikh writes about HRMS solutions and Payroll Software. A self-made, reared-up writer and a poetic soul, Anwar is a wannabe Cloud and digital marketing evangelist. He writes for Pocket HCM, a leading provider of automated and cloud based payroll and HR management solutions to small and mid-sized businesses all across India.

You can find more about Anwar LinkedIn | Twitter | Google+  | Facebook

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