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Valuable Pointers For Multi-Channel Social Media Marketing

When Facebook was still a fairly new thing, if you had a business page it gave you a considerable edge over the competition. However, things have changed a lot since then. If you restrict your company to just one channel, you’ll be screwing yourself out of a lot of new business. Multi-channel social media marketing is necessary now, rather than auxiliary. Here are some tips for planning out yours.


First of all, you need to be identifying the social networks which your target market is most likely to use. If you don’t know who your target audience are yet, then you’ve got a long way to go! When you start looking closely at the demographics who use various different social channels, there are certain trends that pop up. Facebook, being the most popular social network, is pretty much universal. Pinterest, on the other hand, is used almost exclusively by women. Instagram is characterised by a younger demographic of users. When conducting a multi-channel marketing drive, you’ll have to tailor all your content to the individual user. Do some research, and find out where your ideal customer is spending most of their time.


The next big thing is to adapt to the platform in question. As mentioned before, all your social content has to be tailored to the platform and the type of person who uses it. Find out about the nuances and conventions tied to all the platforms which you’re planning to use. Instagram, for example, is all built around images and videos. Pinterest is more closely tied to the world of ecommerce. Some businesses are even able to create algorithms calculating the value of every “pin”. For more general networks, you need to understand how different content has different effects. Facebook posts with an image attached generate significantly more engagement than one with text alone. Similarly, tweets with images are worth a lot more attention from users than a basic one, no matter how witty! Getting acquainted with the nuances of each network is an essential step towards multi-channel success.


Once you’ve gathered enough data to form a solid social media strategy, look for a single dashboard where you can manage all your social media marketing. Companies like Sendible and Hootsuite offer programs where you can monitor several different channels, and engage with users from one simple interface. For starters, this will cut down a lot of the time you spend on social media marketing. Secondly, it will make tracking campaigns and conversations a lot more straightforward. An increasing amount of brands are integrating their social marketing into CRM systems, and some of your competitors are probably among them. If you’re trying to paint your brand as a particularly social company, then this is something you certainly need to consider. Having a constant feed to all your customer conversations will pay off hugely for your marketing.

When you’re launching your multi-channel marketing, be sure to take this advice on board. Take the time to understand different networks, organise your campaign, and you’ll have little else to worry about!

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