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Trying to find a decent VPS hosting? Try Host1Plus

What is Host1Plus?

Host1Plus is a London-based international hosting company founded in the year 2008. It provides a variety of hosting services like Web hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated servers, SEO hosting, Reseller hosting and even cloud hosting as well. This company is constantly expanding their customer data base as more and more customers use their services because of excellent support they can receive 24/7 and 14 days money back guarantee.


Why should you choose Host1Plus VPS Hosting?

The capabilities and the capacity of a VPS can easily be increased to meet your needs as your expectations grow. There are 5 Host1Plus VPS hosting data servers around the globe. They are in: Chicago (United States), Los Angeles (United States), Frankfurt (Germany), Johannesburg (South Africa) and São Paulo (Brazil).

It allows people to get the fastest speed while having their servers in four different continents in the world. In addition to this, they are offering 24/7 support and 14 days money back guarantee which makes you feel pretty safe trying out their services.

VPS hosting plans

Since VPS hosting is taking over Web (shared) hosting it is crucial to understand which VPS plan is best for your needs and why you should switch from Web hosting to VPS hosting.

As online businesses grow and traffic increases, overall performance and throughput can be compromised. If you need specific or custom applications installed on your server, but you’re not willing to buy or not able to afford a dedicated server, you should consider a VPS.

Host1Plus have 4 different VPS plans available as of today:

hosting plans

Bronze – $2.50/month and you will get 0.5 CPU core, 256 MB RAM, 20 GB disk space and 500 GB bandwidth.

Silver – has more resources and lets you host a bigger website or online project. For $5/month, it will provide you with 1 CPU core, 768 MB RAM, 30 GB disk space and 1000 GB bandwidth.

Gold plan is even better. For $15.00/month you will get 2 CPU cores, 2048 MB RAM, 40 GB disk space and 2000 GB bandwidth. It would be enough to host a medium e-commerce website.

The best plan is called Platinum which is the most expensive option as with which you could host huge e-commerce websites or other large projects. 4 CPU cores, 4096 MB RAM, 70 GB disk space and 3000 GB bandwidth will be enough for most of your needs. It will cost you from $40.00/month.



Before choosing a VPS hosting server you must also do some research about the company’s reputation, reviews, uptime, customer support and price. It looks like Host1Plus strives for all of them and that is why you would give them a try.

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