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Top Tips For Keeping Your IT Costs Down

It’s actually pretty hard to find a company in the 21st century that does not use or rely on technology for a lot of its processes! We use computers in the office to help us do our work and be more productive, and they also serve as a convenient form of communication to customers, suppliers and others.

We also use smartphones and tablet devices when we are out and about because they enable us to perform most functions that we do on our office computer systems, but with the added convenience that they are extremely lightweight and versatile devices.

The only trouble is, such useful technology comes at a price, and quite often, this price can be quite a high amount! Given that IT systems are virtually a necessity rather than a luxury in today’s business world, you might feel that you have no choice, but to shell out for such expensive computer equipment.

But the good news is that you can save on your IT bills; here’s how!


Only buy equipment that you need

One thing that many firms do is buy equipment for their aesthetic value rather than what they can physically contribute to a business.

For example, some firms might buy Apple-branded computer equipment because of their sleek looks, but if all your employees do is send and receive emails, surf the web and run the occasional software package, you could save yourself £600 to £1,500 per system and just buy the PC-equivalent desktop or laptop computer!

Sometimes companies buy separate printers, scanners and fax machines for their offices. This is just a waste of money, when you could buy a multi-function device that offers all of these features for a third of the cost!


Don’t hire an in-house IT support team

It’s always great knowing that when you have a problem with your computer at work, there is someone on hand that can provide you support and assistance when you need it. But did you know that you could still have that and save huge sums of money by simply outsourcing your IT support?


There are numerous benefits to having an outsourced IT support team:

  • Lower costs – with an in-house team you have to pay for employee-related costs such as national insurance, pensions and employee liability insurance. When you outsource your IT support, all you do is pay an invoice each month which is significantly lower than your monthly in-house support costs;
  • Skills and knowledge – if you want your IT team to learn about new things, you generally have to pay for them to go on training courses. You don’t need to worry about that with outsourced companies, because they take care of their own staff’s training needs, so that they are constantly kept abreast of the latest software and hardware technologies.


Don’t use things until they break

Preventative maintenance of IT systems is always going to be cheaper than having to get someone to resolve some major disaster scenario. For example, regular monitoring of server hardware can detect when a piece of hardware (such as a hard drive) is about to fail, so that it can be replaced with no loss of data.


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