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Todoed – The easy way to turn texts into tasks

Todoed, a startup based in Delhi. Founded by Nishchal Kesarwani and his team are aiming towards changing the way you manage your to-do list. The startup recently launched its first beta version as chrome extension only. Mozilla and other browsers will have to wait for now. 

The most important feature of todoed is to make chats and anything that you can copy to be made accountable for, you can turn that text into tasks with just a right click. 

Front View


You can use this feature for adding to do list for assigning to do items to yourself and your team right from within the chats. 

Some of the important ways you can use it are mentioned on their website and here they are:

  • Use Todoed to create todos/tasks instantly.
  • Use Todoed to delegate todos/tasks instantly, without needing to switch screens or apps.
  • Clip text from anywhere on the browser and convert it into a todo. Works on any text – gmail, fb, yammer, and absolutely any where on the browser.
  • Just drop down from the chrome extension to view your own todos in the simplest and fastest possible way.
  • Color code todos/tasks for quick categorisation.
  • Edit this text or task on Todoed anytime.
  • Full view page allows you to view todos delegated to and todos delegated by, and also search tasks right there.

The startup is still in its very initial phase, there are many more features to be added but it has managed to get our attention so far and we have loved what they have made with todoed. We love the idea of using text as a way to get the data for the tasks, its simple yet elegant.

Have you tried todoed yet? Let us know what you think about it or tweet us @plorez



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