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The Future of Real Estate is in Virtual and Augmented Reality!

The process of going through various websites and visiting countless places to find your dream home is not just tedious but also time consuming. No wonder, even after the tiresome exercise, there isn’t any guarantee that you’ll get your dream house which you have been searching for so long.

Besides, if you are a first time buyer, the entire process becomes all the more difficult. So, is there a one stop solution to these never ending house and property hunts? Well, a month ago there wasn’t, but now there is.

India’s number one real estate portal Magicbricks has launched an innovative Experience Center in Western Express Highway Metro Station. The center integrates augmented and virtual reality technology that makes the entire home buying process simple and easy.
About the Experience Center

The Experience Center is a perfect equilibrium between online and offline world as it creates a bridge for the buyers and sellers to collaborate in a better way by sharing information in a faster and smoother way which is far better than the traditional form of business.

By using technologies like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, on-demand Video-call and large format touchscreens, the center has created impressive future technology in the real estate sector that gives buyers a chance to make necessary decisions before they invest their time and money in any property.

The Centre has 6 distinct components which allows buyers to perform a wide range of tasks such as browsing property listings, using various financial calculators, property comparisons, virtually speaking to a (magicbricks) advisor, immersive walkthroughs, and touchscreen based map searches. 
The Experience at the Center

I had the opportunity to experience the high-tech reality zone on the day of its inauguration and to my surprise, I found full screen touch panels which had live location data input. They call it “my companion”, and it works like a charm.
2D panels and Augmented Reality picture


These screen panels always keep you updated with the latest projects around you, customized to suit your questions and exploration. A survey conducted by Magicbricks suggests that approximately 60% of home buyers end up buying an apartment which does not have adequate ventilation or enough natural light.

Now, with the augmented reality solutions, a homebuyer can take an aerial view of the entire society. He can figure out where exactly his apartment is in the entire society, how far it is from the main entrance of the society, checkout the open spaces, take stock of the inter tower spaces, checkout the green areas etc.
Virtual Reality Experience

Have you ever struggled with a flat 2 dimensional layout plan of a flat trying to figure out how the flat would look like when it actually gets built? Well, now there is a solution to your problem. With virtual reality solutions in the Experience Centre, a home buyer can move around in the apartment he wants to buy and firm up his opinion even when the flat is under construction.

We too had the privilege to put on the VR Glasses to checkout some properties in 3D ourselves. We were stunned to find out and experience the clarity and picture quality of the same. It gave us a good perspective on what the estate looks and feels like.


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The Final Verdict

Now that the Experience centre is the first of its kind initiative with latest and future technology both in terms of hardware and software, as a real estate and property buyer you must pay a visit and #DoMuchMore to experience the revolution that is sure to bring about a huge change in your home buying process.

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Chirag Dodiya

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