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Thank You Gift Ideas for Business

There comes a time in a business owner’s life, when they might want to send out a special, thoughtful gift. This might be due to the festive season, a birthday, or simply to say thank you for doing business! Thank you gifts can be very powerful, as they help to keep you in the forefront of your business associate’s minds. Here are some appropriate gift ideas:

A Plant or Flowers

This should be one of your go-to thank you gifts for clients and employees, as they can be used to add life to a home or office and brighten things up. They can also be transferred to a garden so if your recipient is into gardening they’ll love this gift!



A Digital Photo Frame

If you know the recipient has a digital camera, then a digital photo frame can be the perfect addition to the home or office. They can watch their favourite pictures throughout the day and they’ll think of you as they do it! If they don’t have a digital camera or you aren’t sure, a normal photo frame can sometimes do the trick just as well!



A Gift Card

If you’re really not sure on what to give your client or employee, then a gift card is a great choice. Don’t know where to get it from? Try Amazon! There are so many products on Amazon so your recipient is guaranteed to find something they want.




Who doesn’t love sweets?! You could send a small, branded jar of sweets, or a full on gift basket. Whatever your budget allows!



Personalised Glass Coasters

Glass coasters are perfect for stopping desks get marked, but personalised coasters are even better! They look very professional, luxurious, and thoughtful.



Business Books

If you have a favourite book that you find yourself recommending to people regularly, then why not give this to one of your recipients? They’re sure to appreciate a book that could help them as much as you say it’s helped you!



A Basket of Coffee and Tea

All offices need coffee and tea, so if your recipient works in an office then you can’t go wrong with a basket of coffee and tea. Get one that includes cookies for extra points!



Personalised Stationery

Personalised stationery is always an appreciated gift, especially in an office environment. You know that this gift will be appreciated as it’ll be frequently used.



Personalised Ecards

Personalised Ecards from ecardshack.com can be the perfect thank you gift if you want to send something both environmentally friendly and thoughtful. You can make these look exactly how you want them to, and there are many designs to choose from.




Depending on your business relationship, it might sometimes be appropriate to send a bottle of wine or a crate of beer. You need to be careful with this one though as it could be deemed inappropriate by some people.



Providing you choose a relevant gift that will be deemed appropriate, you’ll be saying thank you in the most effective way by sending one of the above gifts!

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