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Startups: How To Motivate Your Employees On A Budget

Once you have surrounded yourself with highly skilled and capable employees, the next challenge is to ensure they remain motivated. A motivated workforce means they will be more productive and likely to stay around for longer. Most businesses assume that the only way to keep up staff morale is by throwing lots of money at their employees. While financial rewards are indeed helpful, low-cost techniques have been found to be just as effective in motivating employees. And when money is tight, these are really your only options.


Here are some productive ways to motivate staff on a budget.


Reward with responsibility

When you are unable to reward staff with wage increases or bonuses, more responsibility can be just as effective. Allowing your employees to manage projects will keep them on their toes and make them realise that you have confidence in their abilities.


Praise and feedback

Another great way to keep staff motivated is to give them credit where it is due. When they are working their socks off, make sure you let them know they are going an excellent job on a regular basis. Additionally, provide constructive feedback to allow them to improve. Providing feedback and praise on an individual basis will show them that you respect them all equally and take an interest in their work.


Reduce stress

Nothing drains an employee’s motivation like stress. It is important to recognise when individual team members, or the team as a whole, are overwhelmed. Do what you can to reduce stress by lightening the workload, extending deadlines and helping with scheduling work. Creating an office environment that is relaxed and friendly will also help to reduce stress among employees.


Comply with laws and recommendations

An amazing number of employers avoid compliance with laws and recommendations for the workplace because they are costly or time consuming. This sends a bad message to employees, not to mention the fact that it’s often illegal. Indeed, many employees consult employment lawyers about various problems they’ve had at work. If you want to avoid being involved in a legal dispute, it’s important that you comply with your responsibilities.


Invite suggestions

Another great way to motivate staff is to encourage them to give their suggestions for improvement on aspects of the business or the way the team operates. This will help them to realise that their opinions are valid and will be listened to.


Have some fun!

A bit of fun now and again is a great way to boost morale in the team. How about a monthly work night out, a weekly coffee and cake morning or an outdoor team building exercise? These are just some example of fun activities that can help to keep your employees committed to working hard.


Startups shouldn’t assume they can’t take measures to motivate staff just because cash is tight. A lot of low-costs techniques are very effective at keeping staff productive and happy. Give these a go and your staff will thank you.


How do you motivate your employees on a budget?

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