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A Guide to Starting Your Own Successful Restaurant

Did you know that a half of all adults have worked in the restaurant industry? Many restaurant employees even say they would like to own their own restaurant some day! Many people dream of owning a successful restaurant, but starting a restaurant that’s destined to fail is all too easy. Let’s take a look at the important steps you must take to make your restaurant successful:



Only Start When you Have ‘The Big Three’

You just can’t start a successful restaurant unless you have an amazing chef, the perfect location, and a brilliant concept. Those 3 things all work in harmony together and help to create one big success that you can be proud of! Your location needs to fit your concept, as must your chef, or you’ll constantly deal with restaurant drama that you could do without.

Don’t try to kid yourself or other people by saying you’ll create a ‘destination restaurant’ either. A destination restaurant is supposed to be a place that people travel far and wide to go to – this is usually what people say when they have a rubbish location.

Accessibility is very important, and the more you ensure your restaurant is accessible the more chance of success you have. You should also know that you need more than the ‘big 3’ to startup, for example:

And more!



Overestimate Your Capital

You should plan to have 6-9 months of working capital right from the start. You’ll be surprised at how fast the money you’re spending adds up, and how much time it takes for a new place to get regular/loyal customers.

Capital will be essential when there’s a dip in business after the initial excitement of you opening. You must wait to see if people really want to come to your restaurant – it might not catch on. Don’t let the initial success go to your head, and always be prepared to keep money flowing through your business to make it succeed!



Don’t Ever be Cheap When it Comes to Your Guests

Where guests are concerned, don’t ever cut corners or try to be cheap. Everything that touches the guest is important, from cutlery to the dessert. Your goal should be to constantly improve your guest’s experience, so do things like give away gift cards and send complimentary dishes to tables.



Be Prepared to Evolve

Partnering with somebody that compliments you and agrees with your views is when an idea becomes a great business. For example, if you’re a chef, you need to be prepared to hire new people, teach them, and then delegate jobs to them. You’ll then be able to do so much more for your restaurant!



Always look for people who can teach you something – partner up with people who know things you don’t. Treat them well and give them a reason to care, and you’ll be able to start your own successful restaurant!

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Chirag Dodiya

I Conceptualize, Innovate and then work on Executing Amazing Startup Ideas with the help of a team and Entrepreneurs Network. I love building and rebuilding Products. Using creativity, ideas and magic, I build businesses.

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