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The Perfect Startup Office: How to Make It a Reality

Startup offices have become famous for a few things over the last couple of years: casual clothing, games at break time, relaxation areas, and really cool furniture. You don’t have to be a big company like Google or Pixar to create a cool startup office…it doesn’t need to cost you an arm and a leg! Here, we’ll give you some examples of what we think the perfect startup office consists of, so you can create one yourself:



Bright Colours

Bright colours are known for being able to influence a mood. With colour, you can make people feel calm and tranquil, excited and happy, productive, or the total opposite. By using nice bright colours like green, yellow, blue, and more ‘natural’ colours we’d see outside (and maybe even some we don’t) you can encourage yourself and your employees to work harder and more efficiently.



Innovative Ideas

Don’t be afraid to go a little bit ‘60 minute makeover’ on your startup office to create something unique and good looking – treat it like you would your home when decorating. One great idea that we love is turning a locker to it’s side and using it as a reception desk! Perfect for a company that specialises in creative services.



‘Chill Out’ Areas

Sometimes, you just need 10 minutes to recuperate and gather your thoughts before continuing with your work. For this, ‘chill out’ areas are perfect. They’re also great for break times – somewhere to get away from the desk for a little while and come back raring to continue.



Games Rooms

Take a tip from offices like Google and include a games room in your startup office. This could include an air hockey table, snooker table, or even an Xbox.



A Stocked Kitchen

A well stocked kitchen with a selection of beverages and healthy snacks is the perfect solution for lunchtimes when you don’t want to take too much time away from your desk.



Motivational Quotes

Motivational quotes scattered about the place on notice boards and maybe even painted on the walls can be just the thing you need to keep you going in the midst of a difficult day. Don’t take it overboard – too many and your office could seem a bit cliche.



Writeable Surfaces

Some great startup offices have been known to include a variety of writable surfaces – this includes tables and windows! Perfect for when an idea unexpectedly jumps up at you…simply jot it down on the window.



Support Individual Needs

There’s no rule out there that states the office furniture should follow a theme or be the same. In fact, many successful businesses allow their employees to choose the furniture they’d like to work on. Perhaps a stand-up desk rather than a sit down version would be better for a particular person, or even a big comfy bean bag. Take a look at stuff4work to find great startup furniture.



Lots of Natural Light

Natural light is a must in the office. It helps to invigorate people and keep them awake, whereas artificial light can make people feel tired and hinder productivity.



If you include the majority of these things in your startup office, we can pretty much guarantee success!

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Chirag Dodiya

I Conceptualize, Innovate and then work on Executing Amazing Startup Ideas with the help of a team and Entrepreneurs Network. I love building and rebuilding Products. Using creativity, ideas and magic, I build businesses.

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