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New Metro Projects In India – A Source Of Employment

Metro projects in India are rapidly growing, and it is also helping the nation to become the world’s fastest developing country. Transports serve as an important factor that boosts up the growth of the nation and current Metro projects in India are serving that purpose.

With metro projects, a lot of employments are created which is also boosting up the economy of our country. The Indian government is currently trying to propagate this project in every part of the country which includes both tier 1 and tier 2 cities. Indian metro projects hold the record of having one of the largest track tunnels in the world.


Current Metro Projects in India and Employment in That

Currently, there are eight metro projects in India that have played a huge role in the development of the country. As these projects have created lot employment opportunities for local peoples as well as candidates throughout the country.

A lot of workers as well as engineers were involved in the building of the metro projects and currently, of a lot of employees are working in a metro project for their smooth running. The following are the current metro projects along with employee strength:


Kolkata Metro Project –
Kolkata or Calcutta Metro was the first and oldest metro service in India that has 23 stations under its belt with 25-kilometer coverage. Currently, they employ of a lot of employees which includes electrical engineer, station manager, executive engineer, account officer, system administrator, etc.

Delhi Metro Project –
Delhi Metro project serves as one of the best rapid transport systems in India as well as Delhi. Thousands of employees work in this project as this project has six lines along with 142 railway station all over Delhi.

Chennai Metro Project –
Chennai Metro project got fulfilled in 1995, and it is the second-oldest rapid transport system in India. It runs both in an underground tunnel and elevated path and has a good number of employees in their system.

Bangalore Metro Project –
This metro project is a new rapid transit system that covers a little part of the city, and there are plans to expand this project. The employment strength has crossed the thousands of marks and will increase during extension.

Mumbai Metro Project –
This is another famous metro system in India that covers 11.4 km of the city. There are many jobs in Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation Limited, and currently, they have a firm employee strength.

Hyderabad Metro Project –
This metro service has three line that covers 71 km of the city. It is under public and private partnership and employs an active number of employees.

Jaipur Metro Project –
Jaipur Metro covers 9.2 km of the city, and they are currently expanding their dynasty. The number of employees is not huge, but the number will increase during expansion.

Gurgaon Metro Project –
Gurgaon metro project is governed by a private body, and it links with Delhi Metro. The employee strength for this project is not high, but they have quite skilled employees.

Lucknow Metro Project –
These projects have included one of the fastest metro rails, and it has recently started covering the first phase of the coverage.


Upcoming Metro Projects

Metro railway projects have been playing a huge role in the development of the economy of India, and they are also providing huge job opportunity to young aspirants. Metro transit system solves the traffic problem in cities by allowing fast connectivity among palaces.

Nine cities in India have already opted for this facility and construction work is going on some more cities. The Indian government is currently developing a metro system in these following cities:

  • Kochi.
  • Ahmedabad.
  • Kanpur.
  • Nagpur.
  • Noida.
  • Navi Mumbai.
  • Patna.
  • Guwahati.
  • Vijayawada.
  • Meerut.
  • Indore.
  • Bhopal.
  • Pune.

In future, the Indian government is planning to initiate a metro project in many other cities.


Expected Number of Employees in Upcoming Project

The number of employees will vary from city to city, but it would be very early to predict the exact number of staff in those projects. However, according to current hiring trend, the ministry is expected to hire lot eligible candidates for different designation in metro projects as there is a great need for skilled employees.


Benefits of Local Youth

Local youth can largely benefit from metro projects as they easily can apply for the varied type of jobs in the metro project. During new projects, Metro hires a lot of candidates so it would be good chance for local youth to get a foothold in the metro project.

Even uneducated young people can opt for a construction job in the metro project as they regularly hire workers for the development process.


Requirement Various Jobs in Mumbai Metro Corporation Limited and Post

In whole metro administration, there is different type of post where there is the demand for eligible candidates. Every now and then, they hire a lot of candidates for jobs like project manager, operation, and maintenance officer, civil engineer, electrical engineer, project director, etc.

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