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Moving Office Checklist: Don’t Forget the Kitchen Sink

Anyone who owns their own business will already know how stressful it can be when moving offices. Not only do you have to get ahead so you can wind work down for a couple of days, but there’s also a million and one things you need to sort out. With that in mind, this article will provide you with a basic checklist, designed to limit the chances of you forgetting the essentials. Hopefully, you’ll find it useful when organising your next move, and it might just save you a few hours of planning time. So, read through all the points made below and ensure you take notes because the last thing anyone wants is to sit down at their desk once the move is complete only to discover someone forgot to call the internet provider.




Firstly, you’ll need to arrange transportation for all your office furniture. Depending on the size of your space, this could take a day or two, so make sure you find a removals firm capable of handling your items. You’ll need to inform them about the number of desks, chairs, shelving units and filing cabinets you have to get a quote, so now would be a good time to start counting.



Computer Equipment

While you could use the same removals firm to transport all your computer equipment, as it’s so delicate and expensive, it might be a good idea to find a specialist company to deal with this. Obviously, you need select a provider with adequate insurance, as accidents do happen from time to time. To limit the chances of this causing issues, it’s best to backup all data a week or two before the move.



Telephone Lines / Internet

As I mentioned a moment ago, calling your telephone line and internet provider ahead of time will save you a lot of effort when it comes to settling into your new office. The chances are, you’ll be tied into some form of long term contract, so you’ll need to arrange for the company concerned to transfer your account to the new premises.



Building Maintenance

Presuming your new office isn’t already under the control of a new maintenance firm, you’ll need to transfer your contract for this too. This shouldn’t take long, and can usually be arranged over a single short phone call. You should have no trouble finding a reputable company online if you need to look for an alternative to your current provider, and so long as their prices are as competitive as those available from CA Building Maintenance, you’re on to a winner.



After ticking off everything on this list, you should be ready to tackle your move in the most effective and organised way possible. The logistics of an endeavor like this can create high levels of stress amongst your team, but so long as you’ve covered the basics, the likelihood of them experiencing significant problems will be greatly decreased. Just remember to speak to electricity and gas suppliers before closing the doors on your old office for the last time, as they could charge you for power you did not use.


Good luck with that!

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