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Methods To Make Your Marketing Stand Out From The Competition

If you are running a business in 2016, you need to know the importance of marketing. Marketing and promotion are the two key ideas that will ensure that your business gets the attention you need.  Without the attention and support of these two groups, you will not find the profits you need. You won’t be able to make the revenue that you want. The problem is that now it’s no longer enough just to market your business. Your promotion and marketing need to be different. It must stand out from your competition. Ideally, you should be able to offer your customers something other competitors haven’t. There are a few ways to make your marketing and promotion unique, bold and attractive. Here are our ideas.


Make It Interactive



The first option you can consider is to make the promotion of your business interactive. You can start by looking into app investment. By developing an app for a company, you will be opening a new source that customers can use to make purchases. Obviously, the more ways they have to spend, the more purchases they’re going to make. This is clearly a fantastic way of increasing profits in your business. But it’s also a great marketing tactic that is still being underused today. If you create an app, you can use it to give your customers more information about your business. Perhaps you can persuade a few who are on the fence. You can also add some fun with games that are connected to your product or service. This is a particularly good idea if your company markets to families.

Of course, using an app isn’t the only way to make your business more accessible. You can also think about using a mobile-friendly design for your business website. By using a mobile responsive design, customers will be able to access your business wherever whenever. Again, this is going to increase purchase for your company. It’s particularly recommended if you’re the owner of a local service business. Local service businesses will typically be used by customers out on the go. For instance, you might not be at home or near a laptop if you need a locksmith. Or, a car side of the road pick up. If your business isn’t accessible through mobile means, you have already lost a customer. Have a look at studiopress.com for more information on mobile responsive designs.

Don’t forget that you can also interact with your customers through social media. This is another form of interaction that could be beneficial. Again, it’s a possibility that could involve increased profits for your company. But it’s also one of the cheapest and easiest way to promote and market your business online. There are lots of different ways to market in a fresh and original way through social media. If you had a logo or character related to your company, you could set up profiles for that character. Many of the top businesses that cater to children and families do this. For instance, you can speak to Tony the Tiger on Twitter. This is just another fun form of interaction that would certainly appeal to your consumers.


Look To The Future



In business, it’s always a smart move to get ahead of the curve. If there are new ideas in the industry, you should already be aware of them. You should be thinking about how you can incorporate them into your business model. So, what are the latest ideas in marketing? Well, we’re glad you asked.

Augmented reality isn’t a new concept. It’s been used in one form or another form since the late eighties, early nineties. For instance, when the first Star Wars Prequel arrived holding a coke can up to a webcam turned it into a holographic image on the screen. But now, augmented reality has returned in a big way.  This is perhaps due to the advancements in technology that mean it can be used for more than before. For instance, you can now use AR through a mobile smartphone. That means that the tech is now mobile. You could be walking down the street, and if you point your phone at a shop, the store comes alive with digital images. We’re not sure why this tech isn’t being used more often. Perhaps it’s the price or difficulty of getting it set up. Either way, if you used it to the full potential, your business would be one of the few.

Another possible idea you can consider is VR. Unlike AR, VR is currently in its most primitive form. If you want proof of this, just look at the VR amazon headset. It is literally a cardboard box. But that doesn’t negate the fact that VR has a lot of potential, specifically for marketing. Imagine, if you were running a travel company. Rather than telling people where they could go, you could show them using virtual reality technology. That is a possibility, and you can check this out at suitespot.tv. You can even get an app set up for your business. The great thing about this is good VR apps are few and far between. If you can release the first fantastic VR app, you’ll see a lot of increased interest for company.

You may also want to have a look at live streaming for marketing purposes. Live streaming is a great idea. It’s becoming incredibly popular with businesses and consumers alike. By using a live stream, you’ll open a channel where you can constantly share new information with consumers. IGN often uses this resource on their site, and it has proved to be very popular. You can check out their site at uk.ign Particularly, when they used the live stream to answer comments of their customers. Their model is particularly consumer targeted. But when you think about it these days, all businesses are. We can’t see it would ever be a disadvantage to make your business this accessible to customers.

We hope you have found this information useful and take this advice on board. If you do, you can arrange the promotion to make interest in your business soar.

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Chirag Dodiya

I Conceptualize, Innovate and then work on Executing Amazing Startup Ideas with the help of a team and Entrepreneurs Network. I love building and rebuilding Products. Using creativity, ideas and magic, I build businesses.

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