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IBS Hyderabad – Brief Glimpse on What You Need to Know

IBS Hyderabad is ICFAI Business School, a part of ICFAI foundation for higher education.  It was established in the year 1985 and is counted among the India’s best business school. In the 2012 survey by Hindustan Times it was ranked as number 12 and is been given a rate of A** by CRISIL. IBS Hyderabad is among the first three B-Schools from South Asia to be SAQS accredited by AMDISA.

IBS is impressively recognized in the business industry and as well in the academic era. Consistently ranked as one of the best colleges for business studies in India, IBS aims in providing very high quality education and a great learning experience, very adaptive and growing environment with its splendid facilities.The mission of IBS is to develop such business professionals so that they can better contribute towards the society.

IBS Hyderabad MBA program is considered as one of the best all around India.


Courses Offered at IBS:

1. MBA Program.

2. Ph.D (Full Time)

3. Ph.D (Part Time)

4. BBA

IBS is UGC approved and is recognized as one of the top 20 bschools in India. IBS provides the best placements to their students in the business world. It has best companies for recruitment in their campus and believes in producing the best business professionals in India. IBS believes in creating opportunities for its students to apply academic knowledge to real-life scenarios. All students are required to take up Summer Internship Program (SIP) at any organization. Through these programs students not only learn more but can also complete a meaningful value added project for the company which may lead to final placement of the student. Over the years, IBS has gained extensive corporate support, with the result that summer projects have been diverse, challenging and mutually beneficial to both the student and the corporate which in turn reflects on the final placements.


Placement Facts:

2012-2014 batch strength 1000 students..
1. Out of 1000 only 100 students got good placements with avg package of 6-7L PA.
2. 200 students left college without taking placements. (Family Business)
3. 140 students till “18 May” waiting for placement in campus. (Batch completed on 15 Feb)
4. Rest 540 placed in start-ups with avg package 3.5-4LPA.


Campus life – 

This simple video shows the details informaion on life at IBS Hyderabad. 

IBS Hyderabad has widespread, lush green campus over 90 acres of area with enormous well equipped facilities. Well maintained class rooms with one the best faculties for all the departments, laboratories with latest technologies, huge collection of books, magazines, journals and study materials related to business management and subjects related to it in a well-stocked library.


We hope you like this article, let us know what do you think about IBS Hyderabad in the comments section below. 

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