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How You Can Make Your Startup Leap Ahead

Being a startup can be rough. When you’re in an already crowded business environment, it can be hard to make yourself stand out. So how can you get that edge over your competitors? How can you go from startup to a major player? A couple of things can help you get there. Here are a few suggestions.



Business contacts are essential when you are just starting out. You need to be visible, and you need to be approachable. Contacts won’t come to you though. You’re a nobody right now. Why would they? Unless you’ve got a few credits and successes to your name, you’re just another face in the crowd. Go to business events and conferences as often as you can. Even if you’re not exhibiting anything. Make sure to engage with as many people as you can. Be sure always to tell them your name and what your company does. Try not to be too formal, but don’t treat them like a friend you’ve known for years either.



Taking advantage of current technology is one of the best things about being a startup. A lot of larger businesses have to lag behind because of the size of their operation. Outfitting all employees and service centres with new technology will cost them a fortune and take forever. When you’re a startup, you don’t have these worries. You don’t have any existing practices you need to stick to, nor are you tied into using any legacy systems from decades ago.

One of these advances would be using an efax fax online service. It takes the principles of secure document transfers that come with faxes and digitises the whole process. You might wonder who even uses faxes anymore in the business world. You’d be surprised how many still do, and that’s exactly what we’re talking about when it comes to being tied into obsolete legacy systems.


Be Bold

Part of being a startup is not playing by the established rules. If all startups tried to be as organised and orderly as big business, nothing would get done. Large businesses are swamped with layers of management and bureaucracy. That makes them slow to act. As a startup, you can act immediately to get things done. Decisions can be made in hours rather than months. This is how you get your foot in the door and stand out as a business.


New Ideas

If you’ve got nothing to bring to the table why even form a startup? Trying to do the same as what a larger business does won’t net you any customers. That market is already taken. You have to offer them something different. You need to stand out from competitors of all sizes. To do this, you need fresh ideas and great utilisations of them. Harness the creativity of yourself and the people around you. Never consider any idea impossible or too outlandish. There’s a lesson to learn and an opportunity in each of them.


This isn’t a complete business guide by any means, but it should give you the basics of getting your startup to move forwards rather than stagnating.

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Chirag Dodiya

I Conceptualize, Innovate and then work on Executing Amazing Startup Ideas with the help of a team and Entrepreneurs Network. I love building and rebuilding Products. Using creativity, ideas and magic, I build businesses.

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