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How To Use Social Media To Promote Your Startup Business

If you’ve recently started a new business, you’re probably a little concerned about the way in which things are going to pan out. However, there is no need to worry. So long as you have a decent concept, and you pay attention to all the advice in this post, there is no reason you shouldn’t achieve the success you desire. At the end of the day, it’s not always about what you’re selling. Sometimes it’s your approach to promotion that encourages high levels of sales. With that in mind, we’re going to show you how to use social media to promote your startup business today. Don’t worry if you’re not an online expert as we’re going to explain everything in layman’s terms.

There are many different ways of promoting your business, but social media is one of the best. To get the most out of your efforts, it is important that you have a good, functional website. When all’s said and done, people are not going to purchase from you if your site looks unprofessional. For that reason, you should make sure you pay a top web design company to get it right. After you’ve done that, you can try out some of the ideas in this article.

Create pages will all the major networks

Ideally, you’ll want to have a good presence across all the most-used social networks. Even so, it will make sense for you to start out with Facebook and Twitter accounts. Creating these accounts is very simple as the websites guide you through the entire process. It should take you no longer than half an hour to get everything sorted.

Post interesting status updates and tweets

You want to cement yourself as an authority in your chosen industry, and so posting interesting status updates and tweets is a good idea. You can also link to any articles you find appealing, or any you’ve written for your blog. People love clicking links on Facebook, and so doing that could mean you experience far higher levels of traffic to your website. On Twitter, it’s a good idea to search through the network for people talking about your industry. You should then comment on their posts offering advice or guidance. That helps to promote the image you want them to have. If you need more information on this, you should check out Satori Prime’s blog among others.

Learn how to use paid advertising features

While Twitter’s paid advertising option is still a little rudimentary, the one available from Facebook is fantastic. All you have to do is perform some basic market research to ensure you’re able to target your efforts accordingly. The best thing about Facebook Ads is that there is no minimum spend, so you won’t have to waste a lot of money on refining your promotional strategy. So long as you know the age ranges and interests of your target market, you can put your ad in front of them in a matter of minutes.


You should now have enough information to make a start at promoting your new company through social media. There are no hard and fast rules for success at this endeavor, and so it’s important that your strategy remains flexible.

Good luck!

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