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How To Train Your Employees On A Budget: A Guide For Small Businesses

A team of well-trained employees is vital for the success of your business. However, if you are a small business, you may not have a large budget for staff training. Whilst you may think your money is better spent elsewhere, an efficient and well-trained team is essential.

Whilst a lack of employee training may not seem like a problem at first, over time it could reduce staff motivation. As well as the efficiency of your business. An un-efficient workforce could also lead to you falling behind your competitors.

But if you have a small budget what can you do? For our top tips for training employees on a budget, have a read of this.


Become part of a trade group

Few people realise it, but trade groups offer free training sessions for their members at events throughout the year. Have a look at what trade associations are available for you to join – pick the group with the best and most suitable training programs for your small business.


Choose employees to work as staff trainers

Choose two or three respected members of staff who are excellent communicators to become your in-office staff trainers. Instead of having to pay for all your staff to attend training events, send two or three employees along and get them to relay the information back to other members of staff.

You can also send your in-office trainers to specific training seminars that focus on teaching training to other staff members.


Use online training courses

Online training programs are excellent tools for training your staff as they allow staff to learn at their own pace. Many online courses and webinars are free of charge or are relatively low cost.

Set aside one day a month as a staff training day. Give each employee a login password to online training and allow them to go through it and complete the activities at their own pace.


Consult a specialist

Whilst there are many cheap ways to train your staff, particular problems, like risk management, need specialist risk audit training courses. Go online and have a look at the different courses on offer. Consider which courses would be most beneficial for your employees.

To save money on travel and staff accommodation, don’t opt for off-site training. Instead, hire a trainer to come to your office building and do on-site training with your staff. If you are training a large number of employees, this is a much more cost efficient solution.


Set goals

Before sending employees on any training course, sit down and work out what you hope to achieve. Use annual performance reviews to work out what gaps there are in your employee’s knowledge, think about what it would be most beneficial to improve.


Don’t just set an overall goal, give each employee their own specific training objectives. Explain that after each training session you will assess how much they have learnt and what else needs to be covered. You will also access their overall job skills and monitor their progress.

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