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How To Sell Abroad Without Breaking Your Budget

There’s no denying that one can increase their revenue by selling to a global audience. The Internet has made it easier for businesses to sell to international customers. That’s because the Web powers thousands of e-commerce websites

Breaking out into a foreign market can increase sales and brand awareness. Even small business owners can enjoy the benefits selling to an international audience offers. The thing is: how can you sell abroad without paying a huge initial outlay? It turns out there are plenty of ways to do that! Check out some of these examples:



Offer international shipping from your domestic website

Most people think they have to create different websites to sell to international markets. Here’s the thing: you can sell to many countries from a single site!

International customers can place orders on your site as domestic ones would. All you need to do is have a “table rate” of shipping prices for people in different countries. The only other thing you need to do is make them aware they are liable for customs charges in their country.

Sell to a select few countries

It might sound like a great idea selling to all international countries. But, some places just aren’t worth the hassle. War zones and high shipping costs are some of the reasons to avoid certain countries.

It goes without saying shipping to foreign markets requires research. Only sell to countries that will make it worth your while. Avoid regions where there is political instability or places where it costs too much to ship to.


Sell your items on marketplaces like eBay

Online marketplaces make it easy to sell to an international audience. One notable example is eBay. If you wish to keep your costs down, you might not want to have an e-commerce website.

The good news is you can sell on an established international marketplace. That way, you also don’t have to worry about finding buyers for your products.


Set up a distribution network

Sometimes it’s easier and cheaper to sell your items with a network of distributors. They can handle the sales of your products in their home countries. All you have to worry about is the supply chain process from your end.

Countless companies in the world offer distribution services. It’s worth talking to a few in your chosen markets. You will soon get an idea of the process and the likely returns you could make.


Speak the same language as your target markets

There’s no denying that English is one of the most spoken languages in today’s modern world. Still, there are many countries where few people speak English.

That’s why it makes sense to market your products in the local language. You could, of course, learn how to speak the lingo yourself. But, it makes sense to hire a translator to help you.


You can also use an outsourced service company to support your products in those markets. I hope this guide has given you some inspiration for selling abroad. Thanks for reading it!

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