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How To Hire The Very Best Employees

Every business owner understands the importance of hiring great employees. Apple founder, Steve Jobs, once said that hiring the best was his number one business ethos. When your employees are working hard for you, your company thrives. It’s your job to harness the ambition and passion of your employees, and use it to your advantage. Let them extend their creative power and push your company forward. That all starts by hiring the best employees.

It’s not an easy job, but it pays to take your time on this process. It’s particularly important if you’re a small company where every person counts. If you’re getting your business off the ground, every team member is vital. Their skills, experience, and passion will help your startup leap forward.

We asked top recruiters about their essential hiring techniques and we got some fascinating responses. There’s a fine balance to be struck here. You’re looking for crucial skills and experience. But, you’re also looking for passion and personality. You need employees that fit with the ethos of your company and that will slot into the team. Here are some more top recruiter tips.


Define the job correctly

One of the biggest mistakes employers make is failing to define the job. Small companies, in particular, can set the job parameters far too wide. The result is an influx of unsuitable candidates with a variety of skills and experiences. You need a targeted, niche specialist. So, before you start sending out adverts, refine the job role. Take a long, hard look at the company, and think about what skills are required. Make a list of objectives and the rest will come.


Could you promote an existing employee?

Bringing a new employee on board is costly and time-consuming. You need to conduct the search, schedule interviews, and pay for advertising. That’s before they’ve even started the job role. At that point, they’ll have to learn how the company works, understand the product, and meet the team. Why not look inside the company itself? If there’s an employee that is ready to move up, provide them with additional training instead. They already know the business, and they’ll work hard out of loyalty.



The traditional recruitment methods should of course be explored. Job boards, adverts and hiring recruiters are a good way to encourage lots of applications. However, it’s also worth getting deep into your own network. Let others know that you’re on the lookout for new talent. Attend networking events and make yourself known in the market. You’ll quickly learn to spot the upcoming talent, and you can take advantage of that. Speak to them and find out how you can bring them on board.


Look for experience

Now that you know where to look, how do you spot the very best? Well, you need to draw up a strict set of criteria. It’s crucial that you define the type of person you’re looking for. The first, and most important, point is experience. There is simply no substitute for experience in the world of business. You need someone who understands the industry and has played the game before. With that in mind, tailor your adverts and ask for a certain number of years experience. Don’t worry too much about specific skills. Skills can be taught. Experience can’t.


Look for personality

Unfortunately, experience and skills are nothing without the right personality. Most businesses operate around a team structure. The best companies have an environment of collaboration and respect. The teams trust each other, delegate tasks, and help each other out. That’s why personality is such an important factor in this decision. Your new employee must be a great fit for the company. Will you get on with them? Are they open to constructive criticism and new ideas?


Ask the right questions

Of course, the most important part of any hiring process is the interview. It’s a chance to really understand the applicant, so use it well. Get a brief sense of their history and experience. But, remember, you’ve already read that on their resume. Focus instead on what they will do for you. What are their ideas and concepts? Where will they take the company? How will they help you? Frame the questions effectively and you’ll find the best employees.


Background check and references

Once you’ve narrowed it down to one or two candidates, perform a certified background check. Contact their references and confirm their experience and credentials. It’s important that all aspects of a candidate’s application matchup.


Follow this short guide and you’ll find the best possible employee for the job! Remember, the right candidate will take your company to the next level. Choose wisely.

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