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How To Hire The Right Staff For Your Successful Startup

To ensure your startup business is successful, you must surround yourself with qualified individuals who share your passion for the business. This is not always a straightforward task, but the following six tips should help you on your quest to find the “dream team”.



  • Conduct background checks

Finding out about the background of a potential employee background investigations is a good way to avoid problems from the outset. An investigation into a candidate’s employment history may reveal incidents of stealing or injury fraud, for example. Or it may just highlight that they are unreliable and not the right person for the job. Although background investigation services will cost your business, in the long run it could save you money if the employee turns out to be a thief, for example.

However, if you prefer to do a background check yourself, you may wish to look at the candidate’s social media sites to see how they behave on these channels. You should also ask for a minimum of two references and speak to referees over the phone.



  • Hire people who are more qualified than you

Unfortunately, you can’t be an expert on every aspect of your business. Hiring excellent staff to look after the different aspects of your business will allow you to concentrate on the aspects that you know best. You will feel more comfortable handing over the accounting, sales and marketing reigns to highly experienced staff.

Job Interview


  • Hire friendly, like-minded individuals

Your team are more likely to work hard and enjoy their jobs if they are working in a happy and supportive team. Make sure that you get along with new employees by including an informal chat into the interview process. Try and encourage candidates to relax and be themselves during the recruitment process. It is also a good idea to introduce potential candidates to other members of your team to ensure that they will get along and work well together.

Make sure you ask questions about the business and industry so you can get an understanding about the candidate’s passion and commitment towards promoting your startup.



  • Get recommendations

Use your connections to help you hire the right staff. Previous colleagues, fellow entrepreneurs or friends and family may be able to recommend potential candidates. A suggestion from someone you trust will help eliminate some of your doubts surrounding potential clients.



  • Be clear with agencies

If you are outsourcing the recruitment process to a recruitment agency, you should make sure that they understand your brief well. It is important to meet with recruitment agents and provide them with all the information. It might be difficult to find employees that match your brief exactly, so let the recruitment agent know the areas where you are prepared to compensate.



  • Don’t judge

Often when you meet the candidate for the first time you will make a snap judgment based on their appearance. It is important that you focus on their skills and personality rather than their look.


Remember that your employees will shape the future of your business so make smart decisions when recruiting. It is in your interests to hire staff of a high calibre, but it is also important that you and the team get along well.

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Chirag Dodiya

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