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How to Decide Whether You Can Work at Home or Whether You Need an Office?

When you’re self-employed, you’re always asking yourself the question of whether you need an office. There are a lot of pros and cons towards any number of variations of answers. Do you work in the office some days and at home for others? Do you create a home office instead? What kind of impact does an office environment make on you? To help you decide what’s the best choice for you, we’ve put together a little guide.




Noise can be an incredible distraction when you’re trying to work. It doesn’t matter what the noise is or how it was caused, the fact that it is just there is enough to throw you off your work. You can have noise at home, and you can have noise in an office environment. The type of noise can be different. Your suburban home might be quiet outside, but what about children or pets in the house making noise? If you’re trying to work, that can be distracting. In an office environment in the city, you may have to deal with sirens or other such city chatter. If the office is high up you may even have to think about the sound of strong wind too.



In an office, you want as much space as is practical. If you’re going to be working by yourself, you’ve got more options in terms of working in a smaller area. If you’ve got a workforce, it might be time to look at a serviced office to rent. Even if you operate with other people who work from home, there may come a time when it’s smart to unify the workforce and get them in one place. Sometimes you just can’t coordinate properly at a distance. So long as they’re local, you can bring them into a physical office to work more cohesively.



Offices cost money. Your expenditures need to suit your needs. It’s already been explained that hiring an office might be the smart move if you’re working in a group. Working alone though? Probably not. If you’re seeing clients, it might be nice to have a professional office space for them to see you in. If you don’t directly deal with clients like that, then you might not need an office space. If you can afford the space and just want somewhere absolutely private to work, then you should consider an office. Otherwise, it probably isn’t the space for you.



An office isn’t functional without equipment. You need a relatively recent computer, a printer, a landline phone, or any other additional equipment for your profession. Can all this equipment fit in a home office? Will a rented office have enough plug sockets? Will the equipment be counted under the building contents insurance? You need to ask questions like these when dealing with equipment. Again, this is an issue that is best resolved by knowing what your needs are. If you need to print in your office, do you need a standard home printer or an industrial level high volume printer? Address those kinds of needs, and think practically.

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