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Hosting Raja: India’s No.1 Web Hosting Company, Is it good for your business?

If you are an entrepreneur based in India and frustrated by the customer support of all the other overseas companies and is trying to decide or test which Indian hosting companies are the best in the market in 2015, well your search ends here. We are bringing you full review of Hosting Raja, an Indian website hosting company founded in 2006.

Hosting Raja started in 2005 as a web development company which grew to become the house of 1,00,000 brands all over india and abroad. They are ISO 9001-2008 certified company providing fastest latency for entrepreneurs based anywhere in India with a customer support that’s all native as your language, but apart from all the great features. Let’s take a deep look at how it can benefit your business and why is it better from the likes of Bigrock or Godaddy. 

These are some of the best things about choosing Hosting Raja:



When it comes to pricing the web hosting services, hosting raja provides the lowers pricing possible in the industry. While others such as Hostgator or Bigrock begins the pricing at 200 INR or 300 INR, Hosting Raja begins the shared hosting pricing at 69 INR. That’s the lowest you can go at that pricing. No wonder they have been called the fastest growing Indian hosting company.  


Customer Support:

The best and worst part about handling Indian customers is the wave of questions that comes with this market. They provide support on Hindi, English, Tamil, Kannada, Bengali, Telugu, Malayalam, Oriya, …and other local languages. I have been into web development industry from the past 5 years and know how it all goes down. But hosting raja have been able to maintain the superb customer service and to keep that desi flavor on with the customer service staff too. 


Software’s and Infrastructure:

When it comes to hosting and management, I don’t care which company it is. I always prefer to go with cpanel and softaculous for many of my needs of installing scripts in a click. As expected, hosting raja provides you both of those and many other useful software integration such as Cpanel, Softaculous, MySQL, PHP, Perl, Python, ASP.net, Virtuozzo in Windows and Linux distros. With the following hosting infrastructure for shared hosting:

  • Fast Performance Intel Dual Processor Quad Core Servers
  • 1000Gbps Network Connection
  • RAID 10 Ultra-Fast Hard Drives
  • High Availability & Secure Data Center with Redundant Power Backup

That’s the most power you can get to easily hosting 10s of WordPress Site on 1 web hosting account. 


Horde of Free Stuff:

If you still aren’t convinced by the solution provided by hosting raja, you can probably enjoy all the free stuff that comes with it for which you probably have to spend some more from other companies. Here is the list. 

  • WhoisGuard Protection
  • Free Featured DNS Services
  • Free Security Features
  • Free Url & Email Forwarding
  • Free Full Domain Control
  • Free Domain Theft
  • Free Email Forwarding
  • Free Parking Page
  • Free Register Lock


Apart from the fact that providing probably the cheapest web hosting you can find in India. Hosting Raja is also government accredited registrar for .in and .com domain names. I have probably shared more information on shared hosting which is very much suitable for small and medium ventures but how about something more powerful such as dedicated or cloud hosting. Hosting Raja does provide you with cheap and affordable solution for both of them. 

If you looking forward to buy a cloud hosting solutions from the big brands such as Rackspace, Amazon cloud drive. Take a look at this chart of free features that come with it. 

comparing cloud



Choosing a website hosting company for your venture or startup is a crucial decision because if you launching a new website, you probably don’t want to waste anymore of your time in managing the same or migrating the same to other hosting companies and definitely you don’t want the downtime that comes with it. So do your own research on the company and choose the best. Good Luck.

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Chirag Dodiya

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  1. Riya 30 October, 2015 at 18:09 Reply

    A very Good article Chirag. I would like to tell you that I have been Hosting my website from Hosting Raja and they have a pretty good service. Their service is much more affordable and better than other Web Hosting services in India.

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