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Health And Safety Is No Joke: Keeping Your Work Place Safe

As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure adequate health and safety measures are in place. You should treat health and safety with importance because if someone gets hurt on your watch, it is you who will be to blame.

If a serious injury occurs, you could face a large fine or even, jail time. Health and safety is no joke; it’s something that must be taken seriously. Having health and safety procedures in place is essential for making sure that both you and your staff are protected.

Depending on the type of business you run – factory, shop or office based, the health and safety risks will vary. Some working environments, such as factories, have higher health and safety risks. However, whatever environment you run your business in, health and safety should be prioritized.


Appoint a health and safety manager

To ensure that health and safety are always taken seriously, appoint someone to help you. This should be someone who is already an employee and has adequate health and safety experience or training.

Regardless of whether the person you appoint has experience, it is important that they do some training. Enroll them on a specialist health and safety course to ensure that they have all the knowledge and know-how they need.


Do a risk assessment

To identify the main areas of risk, it is a good idea to complete a health and safety risk assessment. This entails looking at the environment your employees work in, identifying things that could cause harm.

Don’t be afraid to involve your employees in the risk assessment, they may have extra knowledge of risks you may not have noticed. As it is your employees who work in the environment, they are the ideal people for pointing out health and safety issues.

Once you have identified the risk factors, the next step is to consider whether extra precautions should be in place. For example, if you identify a radiator that gets hot to be a hazard, you could then consider fitting mesh radiator guards to it. Or, if you identify that a loose tile is a trip hazard, you could then repair it.


Train all staff

As well as training your health and safety manager, it is also important that you train all staff in basic health and safety.

Each employee should know how to work safely without putting themselves at risk. You can ensure that each team member knows how to conduct their work safely by offering extra training.


Implement first aid

While you would hope that staff training would mean that only minor accidents occur, all staff must know first aid.

A workplace accident might seem unlikely, but that’s not to say it won’t happen. In the unlikely event that an employee slips and break their leg or slices their hand open, it’s crucial that your staff know what to do.


Health and safety might not be the most thrilling thing to learn about, but it really is important. As a business owner, health and safety need to be a priority. It’s your job to ensure that you keep your employees safe, and the best way to do that is with effective training.

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