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Don’t Have A Mobile App Yet? This Is Why You Need One Right Now

No one could have quite predicted the power that apps would have on our lives. The huge rise in mobile technology is spinning out of control. There really is an app for just about everything. Some developers have made their fortune through designing apps. The perfect, unique app can make millions. You only have to look at the rise of games like Angry Birds to see the effect that apps have had.

However, apps aren’t just limited to silly games. Businesses are slowly embracing their power and reach. From all corners of the internet we’re being told that your business needs an app. But, why? There are very few concise answers out there with regard to how, exactly, an app can benefit your business. That’s where we come in. We’ve pulled together data, statistics and concepts that explain how an app can take your business forward. Here’s why you need an app.


Because the figures say so. Quite simply, mobile technology is the most prevalent platform in the world. If you don’t exist there, you’re missing out on millions of potential customers. Let’s take a closer look at some of the facts. 90% of the people on this planet own a phone. 50% have a smartphone with internet access. You can bet that the other 40% won’t be far behind. Each of those people with a smartphone spends an average of two hours a day on their phone. 80% of that time is spent in an app. This is a gigantic platform of people accessing information through apps every day.


Visibility is a key part of having an app. After looking at these figures, doesn’t it make sense customers’ eyes should fall on your app? Simply staying in the mind of customers is one of the more difficult aspects of marketing. They say that a customer needs to see a brand 20 times before they make a loyal connection with it. A huge part of marketing is simply having your name out there in front of people. Allow them to digest your name, brand and identity. The more places you are visible, the more likely you are to grow your business.


An app allows you to build your brand and identity. An app is another great platform through which to stamp your identity. You already do it through your website design and copy. You do it through social media, through your logo and your press releases. You create a story and you choose colours and images specifically to create and identity. An app is another huge platform to stamp your identity. Use it to extend your perception and solidify your brand positioning.


Customer engagement should be a big part of your mobile strategy. Take advantage of the unique offering that mobile technology allows. Mobile engagement can take place in real time. You can make use of a customer’s exact location. For example, the Starbucks app will send you a notification when you’re within walking distance of their shop. They might send you a voucher or discount code to encourage you. Some supermarkets send you a notification with shopping lists when you’re nearby. Take advantage of the real time, location services for your business.


Customer service can be another vital service in your app. Customers love to know that they are being dealt with in real time, by a human being. Take advantage of the strong communication involved with mobile technology. After all, that’s what phones were invented for. Offer instant chats or additional customer services they can’t get elsewhere. Remember, happy customers are promoters for your business.


Mobile apps make money. If the rest of the reasons here don’t convince you, perhaps this one will. Quite simply, mobile apps make money. Facebook, the biggest social media giant in the world, makes most of its money through its app. Many businesses are struggling to monetise their small businesses in the digital world. An app is the place to remedy that. In-app advertising can be much more lucrative than traditional online ads. You can also facilitate in-app purchases which are quick and easy. Tablets, in particular, are heavily used for online shopping. Take advantage of this and make it easy for your customers.


Direct marketing is another area you can take advantage of. In the modern world, it can be hard to shout loudest over the noise. However, with direct marketing through an app, you don’t have to. You can keep track of preferences and send push notifications when appropriate. This is a vital tool for strengthening loyalty among your existing customers. Use this to send discounts, incentives and compelling content. Don’t overdo it though, or you’ll push customers away.


Use an app to add value to your service. For many businesses, they neglect apps because they don’t see how it will strengthen their company. Remember, an app doesn’t have to be an exact extension of your product or service. Use it to create a fun extra. Use it to highlight one particular area or just make a game that relates to your business. Speak to a company that specialises in mobile app development in London for alternative app ideas.


Use an app to showcase new products. Without a large marketing campaign, it can be difficult to get new products into the public eye. What you can do, however, is get them in front of your loyal app community. Use regular updates to promote new products and get feedback from your customers.


An app can help you get ahead of the competition. Although there are millions of apps out there, very few small businesses are building them yet. Of course, the big companies all have one. But, there is a huge gap for niche business apps. Think about how you can fill that gap.


We hope that has given you some concrete understanding of why you need an app. Quite simply, it will strengthen your existing customers and reward them for loyalty. It will reach out to new customers, promote your brand and extend your reach. Finally, it will strengthen your product and help you boost products. Convinced? You should be. Time to start designing your first business app!

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Chirag Dodiya

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