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Does Social Media Influence Buying Habits? (infographic)

Google and other search engines now use social factors when determining search results. Most internet users are not happy about that data affecting their results. However, we all know it happens all the time these days. We’ve included some statistics in this post that should help to shed some light on the situation. Hopefully, that will help you to work out if social media genuinely affects buying habits or not.


76% of people say seeing the websites recommended or “liked” by their social media friends is not useful. It doesn’t encourage them to visit the site, and it doesn’t make them spend money.

73% of internet users say that sites recommended or “like” by people outside of their social circle would produce the same effects. They are no more likely to click the links, and as such, they are no more likely to buy products.

83% of people say they don’t use sites like Facebook or Twitter to search for products or services. That means all that money you spend on social media ads could be unnecessary.


Even with those stats to hand, it’s difficult to answer the question posed in the title of this post. Most people “think” social recommendations don’t influence their buying habits. However, the evidence from years of online marketing shows otherwise.


If nothing else, those statistics should give you an insight into the mind of the consumer. It seems as though they have little understanding of how their impulse purchases arise. To be honest, it’s probably wise to keep it that way. Check the infographic below for more information.


Infographic Published By SEO Courses

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