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CollegeDunia.com – Finding top colleges & Institute just got easier

Collegedunia.com recently launched their website on 1st August, 2014, venturing into the education space and going forward creating the biggest portal of colleges and institutes in India. The company is incubated by 3.14 Digital, a leading online affiliate marketing company in India which is mentoring it in the initial phase.

Collegedunia.com was formed to seize the opportunity of creating a better portal for education field. The founder Sahil Chalana says “We spotted a huge gap in the data being catered and the quality of information being sought by College aspirants in the pre Admission session. The notification of colleges today is very scattered and students are looking out for detailed presentments such as Cut offs, Admission Process, eligibility and even Co-Curricular Facilities.”

He Adds “We currently have information on 15000 colleges and universities Across India and would be able to cover 30000 by the end of 2014. We have a team of 10 people with sole purpose of providing high quality content on Cut Offs, Placements, Admission, Festivals and even minute details such as Course Intake, Fees and Reservation etc.”

In this startup review we will take a closer look at what exactly is Collegedunia and how their portal and their services will be beneficiary for the masses and especially the students and what makes them different from all their competitors.


About Collegedunia.com –

Collegedunia.com, portal owned by digital marketing firm 3.14 Digital based in New Delhi, just released from the dockyard to cater the educational and information requirements of students, parents and colleges. The website lists 15000 colleges from three fields i.e. Management, Engineering and Medical and has plans to roll out other streams like Arts, Science & Commerce.

The portal is expected to reach lakhs of visitors in the first 3 months of launch and it already has more than 15k colleges listed in the different field. The website is very user friendly with great user experience and design. Some of the website features are as follows:

  • Great User Experience and Design for users and customers, the colleges. The database listing is quite precise and with lots of additional important information.
  • The portal features colleges and institute is many different fields including Management, Engineering, Medical, Arts, Law, Science and Commerce. 
  • Search Features – you can search specifically for what you are looking for and not what they want you to know
  • Each college or institute listing has specific information database including application submission, review, images, videos, fees, ratings, brochures, placement companies hire at the campus, approval, reservation, eligibility, Dean Information, amenities and broad description. (That is quite precise). 


Collegedunia.com was founded with the vision to help the young students of india who are as always suffering from the education system and the admission process which is no less than fighting a war, the only difference is this is for a seat among the crowd of thousands. In this kind of market situation they have seized a great opportunity to make the process easier and faster. Definitely this is a big market opportunity and providing services from the thousands of colleges and institutes in india is not an easy task but they seem to be the expert at that. 

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Chirag Dodiya

I Conceptualize, Innovate and then work on Executing Amazing Startup Ideas with the help of a team and Entrepreneurs Network. I love building and rebuilding Products. Using creativity, ideas and magic, I build businesses.

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