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ChefHost – The Uber and AirBnB of the Food Industry, Connecting Chefs to Hosts

ChefHost is an online community and marketplace connecting chefs and customers for bespoke and exclusive private dining, parties, events and alternate food experience. Co-founded by two Warwick Business School alumni, Abhinandan Balasubramanian and Yiu Yin Yau, ChefHost is a platform wanting to celebrate the passion for food among people who make it and those who eat it by matching chef expertise and availability with customers’ interest and requirements.

ChefHost is a peer-to-peer marketplace connecting hosts with chefs for unique and bespoke private dining experiences.

  1. ChefHost provides an alternative dining experience to hosts, establishing the market for experiential eating.
  2. ChefHost provides end-to-end brand management for chefs, from profiling tot booking, and customer management.
  3. ChefHost is a social network for the culinary community, bringing transparency and structure to the market.

Chefhost is looking forward to disrupt the indian market with its amazing marketplace model.

Abhinandan says, “The world we live in today is so well connected. Think of how many social networks we have. We are all just 5 people away from each other. We all want to be connected. And the best part about this is that we are creating demand and supply via this connected community. This has made the birth of marketplaces possible. Look at AirBnB, Uber, eBay etc. That’s what they thrive on. The Indian F&B and Hospitality industries combined are worth more than $150 Billion. Our focus is on disrupting this space with a marketplace model.”

ChefHost wants to serve everyone who wants to have a meal with friends, family or colleagues at the comfort of their space. But it is more useful for professionals, event planners (casual or corporate), food enthusiasts, and anyone who wants to host a meal without having to do any of the shopping, cooking, serving or cleaning. For chefs it provides an access to more opportunities to monetize their talent. “We want hotel chains to see the value of ChefHost, how it would increase their brand by a growing popularity of their chef profiles than dismiss this disruption by sticking to old systems and contractual limitations. We are in advanced discussions with major hotel chains in India. We are also partnering with complimentary services like gifting services, event management companies to expand distribution channel and offer complimentary services that will complete the ChefHost experience,” says Abhinandan.

Chefhost is currently expanding their legs in Indian market and is working on getting its series a funding in the next 3 months.

Visit ChefHost to know more about how you can hire a private chef for any occasion.

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Chirag Dodiya

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