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7 Ways to Improve Well-Being in Your Business

As a business owner, it is vital that you look after the well-being of your staff members. Few bosses look out for their staff on a human level. If you see your staff as just workers, then something is going wrong. Your staff are people. They are more than that though; they are the people holding your company together. Ensuring that your staff are content and happy in their job roles will benefit you and the company as a whole. When people get a certain amount of satisfaction within a job role, they work harder towards the end goal. Undervaluing your staff could lead to poor staff retention and a lack of continuity within your company. Here are just seven ways you can improve well-being in your business.


1. Invest In Extra Training

The hierarchy in your team needs to know how to look after individual staff members. Make sure that you invest in extra training for managers and supervisors within your business. You can provide the training yourself if you feel that you are capable. Poor management leads to a disillusioned staff force. Every manager needs to have proper training before they can deal with the needs of staff members. You must insist on a clear managerial style and ensure all your staff stick to this style in the workplace.


2. Communication Is Key

When was the last time you asked your staff how they are and listened to their answer? As a default function, we spend the day asking people if they’re okay, but few of us bother to listen to the answers we get. Asking how people are is more than just a courtesy; asking people how they are feeling is a vital tool you should use every day. Your staff could be trying to tell you something. If you’re not listening to what your staff are telling you, you might miss some vital information.


3. Consider Flexi-Time

You could improve employee well-being by offering your staff more flexibility in their job roles. Everybody has outer work commitments that might damage their work styles from time to time. It’s not ideal, but you have to remember that your staff are only human. Offering your staff a chance to be able to work at times that suits them will mean they appreciate their job more. Then, if there is an issue in their home life, it is less likely to impact their work.  


4. Look After Your Staff’s Emotional Needs

Improving your staff well-being is not just about making sure that your staff don’t fall sick. You also need to look out for their emotional needs. Talk to your staff about what is on their mind and make sure that they feel capable of doing the job that is at hand. The worst thing you can do is neglect your staff members’ emotional needs within the office.


5. Try Team-Building Techniques

One thing that impacts how staff feel about their job is office politics. Every office in the world has its issues, so don’t feel bad if your workplace has some internal problems. You need to get rid of any negativity within your office so that you can function well. Take your staff on a team building day out, where they can get to know each other and feel more comfortable around one another.


6. Look Out For Stress Triggers

Stress triggers will mean that your staff members cripple. It is your job as the boss to keep an eye out for the day to day triggers, which could stress your staff out. Workloads are the largest stress an employee can take on. If you’re giving your employee more work than they can handle, they are likely to begin to feel stressed. Likewise, if your employee does not have the right resources to do the job at hand, he or she will struggle to cope. Walk a day in your employee’s shoes and imagine how you could make their job less stressful.


7. Run A Health Day  

If your employees are healthy, then they are likely to be happy on a daily basis. Why not run a health day for your staff? Few bosses take on-board what impact a healthy lifestyle can have on their staff. By educating your employees in healthy living methods, you can ensure that they are as fit as they can be. Have some health experts come in for the day and talk to staff about how to improve their lifestyle.

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