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3 Things You Can Learn From Leading Business Owners

If you want the best advice possible, then you need to look at successful people. They’re a success because they had the knowledge to help them. In this piece, you’ll find out three things you can learn from leading business owners.


Put Yourself In Your Customer’s Shoes

The first great piece of advice is to put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Your whole business should be built around solving problems for your customers. You provide a product or service that helps them out. And, the best way to do this is to put yourself in their shoes. Think about things from their point of view, and see what they want and need. This should be a crucial part of your research phase when starting your company. Figure out what the customer wants, and then cater to their needs. But, it’s also helpful if you’re struggling in the sales department. If you find that you’re not making as much money as you’d like, then conduct some research. Get your consumer hat on and think of things from the viewpoint of your customers.


Be Ambitious

Some say that there’s no point in becoming an entrepreneur if you aren’t ambitious. In fact, just the act of wanting to start a business shows some ambition. You’re ready to take on a huge challenge, and try to start a company from scratch. But, you have to continue with this line of thinking if you want to achieve success. A good example of this can be found in this article on Forbes about Hampton Creek. In the piece, the Hampton Creek CEO talks about how he wants to be the biggest food company in the world. That’s an ambitious statement, but it’s the type of thinking that elicits success. Without ambition, then what exactly are you hoping to do? Being ambitious helps you think towards a big goal. It motivates you to succeed and put your heart and soul into the company.


Don’t Quit Your Day Job

One of the reasons a lot of people start a business is because they hate their job. They’re sick and tired of working for someone else and want to take things into their own hands. So, it’s common for someone to quit their job, and then try to build a business. And, it’s also common for someone to struggle because they have no regular income. Speaking in an interview a while ago, the founder of Spanx said she didn’t quit her job until she was sure the company would succeed. She kept working her job and building a business in the spare time she had. It can be very draining, but it’s the smart thing to do. Think of it as damage control, if your business fails to make it off the ground, then you still have a job to fall back on. Plus, you’re still getting paid while you deal with all the startup issues, etc.


It’s funny how simple these things seem once you’ve read them. You’ll be hitting yourself on the head wondering why you never thought about them before. Use this advice to help you and your business.

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Chirag Dodiya

I Conceptualize, Innovate and then work on Executing Amazing Startup Ideas with the help of a team and Entrepreneurs Network. I love building and rebuilding Products. Using creativity, ideas and magic, I build businesses.

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