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3 Signs Your Business Needs A Performance Management Software

While most of the people hate to undergo performance reviews these days, millennials especially hate it the most compared to the Gen-X people. The reason being millennials no longer prefer the archaic performance review process that is in practice since years. According to a recent report, poor or traditional employee appraisal processes were cited as the primary reason for increased employee turnover rates.  

So what’s the best way of executing performance reviews? The best performance review practice is the one that includes giving consistent and relevant feedbacks to your employees. This is also the topmost driving factor that boosts employee engagement rates significantly.

So here are three signs an entrepreneur or business leader needs to watch out for that shout out to automate the process of performance evaluation.


  1. Irregular reviews or feedbacks

Those yearly or annual performance reviews are fast turning obsolete. Even big corporations are shedding the archaic practice of yearly performance reviews and are adopting cloud based HRMS software paving way for more casual and approach-based performance review processes to speed up and simplify things for employees as well as managers.

Regular performance reviews and feedbacks go a long way in helping the workforce especially millennials to find out their weak points that need attention. On the other hand, yearly performance review processes consume loads of time and resources, which is one of the primary reasons why more and more number of organisations are adopting cloud-based and automated performance management software to ease up and streamline the entire performance evaluation process for all the parties involved. Yes, an HRMS software with employee appraisal module saves you the hassles of running through heaps of data.    


  1. No two-way communication

Today’s workforce craves for a more casual and positive atmosphere when it comes to performance reviews. Of course, no one would prefer to sit through those hours of grilling sessions of disparagement.

A casual performance review on the other hand is often conversation-friendly and emphasizes more on the positives of an employee. It enables the employees to weigh their performance and converse about the various concerns over the feedback given. A number of businesses are making use of automated performance management software that allows employees to seek for feedbacks on their performance as and when they want. Talk about employee empowerment!      


  1. Inexplicit feedbacks

Vague feedback is one of the major issues with most of the traditional performance review practices in use these days. Employees of today’s generation love to receive metrics and goal oriented feedbacks minus all the hypes. HRMS software solutions are turning out to be of huge help here, since a performance management software automates employee appraisal tracking thus, leaving no room for errors and inexplicit performance reports.        

Management ought to ensure that every employee is aware of the company’s expectations and objectives right from the first day of getting on-board. For this to work, entrepreneurs, HR leaders and managers ought to offer spot-on and metric based feedbacks to their people on a frequent basis.   

Gone are the days of simply patting an employee for a job well done, because it’s time we get specific when praising a job well done.  



Author: Anwar Shaikh writes about HRMS solutions and Payroll Software. A self-made, reared-up writer and a poetic soul, Anwar is a wannabe Cloud and digital marketing evangelist. He writes for Pocket HCM, a leading provider of automated and cloud based payroll and HR management solutions to small and mid-sized businesses all across India.

You can find more about Anwar LinkedIn | Twitter | Google+  | Facebook

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