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Anonymous social networking- its rising popularity and implications

  Anonymous social networking is gaining in popularity like nothing else. There are vast sections of people who are just tired of keeping up with their ‘socially’ acceptable act. The personality most of us project on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn ...

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8 Common Roadblocks All Entrepreneurs Face

Being a successful entrepreneur is probably one of the most difficult goals to achieve. While from the outside it seems glamorous, and at times can be, it is a road filled with long hours, hardship, dedication and sacrifice. People become ...

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A Basic Guide On What A Business Valuation Is And Why You Need One

Wondering what a valuation is? Well the simple answer would be that it is when a third party valuator  comes and looks at every aspect of your business, then come up with a report about how much it is worth and ...

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How To Start Your Own Company In The Oil And Gas Industry

  It takes a lot of investment to start a company within the oil and gas industry, mainly because there are so many rules and regulations you have to satisfy before you’re allowed to do so. Still, there are hundreds ...

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How To Create The Perfect Office For Your Startup Business

No matter what kind of business you’ve just started, creating the perfect office will help all your new staff members to settle in and get on with their work undisturbed. That said; there’s certainly a lot to think about, which ...

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